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What is MavScholar?: Working with Results

Search for articles and books at the same time, across all subjects

Using Mavscholar

to temporarily save an item use the pin icon on an items bar. If you are logged in the pin icon will permanently save the item to your resources. To view pinned items, click the pin icon in the upper right corner of the screen. To email information about a source to yourself or someone else, use the small envelope icon next to a source. Finally, to get a link to the item and it's information, use the little paperclip icon.

When you click on the title, you will see information like this:

One you've clicked on an items title, you will be able to see more information about the item, like it's location if it is at Minnesota state university mankato. You will also see useful buttons, like the small printer icon which allows you to print the information you see about your resource, or the little quotation marks which is the citation button. The citation button will generate a citation for the resource in a variety of citation styles like APA and MLA.

Finding complete content online when available

You can look on the main page to see if a resource is available online or not. Look for "Available online" links to access the source. Click the title for item details.

Alternatively, clicking on the title brings you to the item's record page. Merely click the "Available online" link. You may also need to select what database to view the source in under the "View Online" section. Just click the database to gain access.

once you have been brought to the resource's location look for links that say "PDF", Full text, or full article, to get the resource in its entirety.

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