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FRENCH 520: French Seminar (Professor Evan Bibbee): Welcome

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The focus of the seminar is literature from the period commonly referred to as "La Révolution tranquille," or the "Quiet Revolution" in English, the beginning of which corresponds to the end of the 1950s and beginning of the 1960s in the province of Québec.  While some issues and ideas of the period (particularly in its later stages) could be associated with similar social changes elsewhere, most have a rather unique/specific hue reflecting features of Québécois society and culture.


  • Carrier, Roch. La Guerre, Yes Sir !
  • Tremblay, Michel. Les Belles Soeurs
  • Godbout, Jacques. Salut Galarneau !
  • In addition to these three novels, we will begin next week to work with a selection of poetry and short stores by two female writers of the time:
    • Lalonde, Michèle
    • Blais, Marie-Claire
  • The status and role of women in Québécois society
  • Cultural and ethnic discrimination, particularly as stemming from linguistic differences between English and French-speaking populations
  • Economic inequality, both within Québec (male vs. female) and in Canada as a whole (Québec vs. rest of country)
  • Religion (Catholicism)
  • Urban life in the 1950s/1960s
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