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ESL Students: Welcome

Resources selected to meet the needs of ESL students

What's in This Guide

Information on immigration, refugees

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In this guide you will find:


  • Online practice tests
  • Practice books and flash cards in the library


  • Practice books in the library


  • Practice books in the library


  • Practice books in the library


  • Practice books in the library

US and Minnesota Culture

  • Recommended books to help you understand life in Minnesota and the United

Services at the Library

Services Available at the Library

At the MSU library, most books, maps, DVDs and other materials are located in areas that you are free to walk through. You can borrow (or check out) many of those books, maps, DVDs and other materials for free -- just remember to return them on time! Remember, other students want to use these things too, so these materials are free to borrow but can be very expensive if they are returned late!

To borrow (check out) materials

  • you will need to bring your MavCard to a Circulation desk -- there is one near the front entrance of the library.
  • you are responsible for finding the books, maps, DVDs and other materials that you want.
  • if you ever need help finding something that you need for class or just for fun, please contact a Reference librarian. (see the Ask a Librarian box on the right) The Reference desk is on the first floor of the library, near the computer area -- look for the sign that says "Information".

For more information about services available at the library, please click here.

Ask a Librarian

Librarians online 24/7:

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