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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

An Introduction to Library Research

Basic information to search for and find library materials.

Video Streaming Databases

Memorial LIbrary not only has a bunch of databases for articles, we have databases of videos too. Below you will find links to various databases that offer video streaming.

Quick Links to Movies at Memorial Library

Memorial Library has plenty of videos you can also use as resources.Use the links below to get started finding videos in different genres. Also try searching for additional genres or limiting to a language.

Our DVD/Video collections are found in the ERC (Memorial Library lower level-east side).

Internet Sites for Streaming Video

A number of openly accessible Internet sites provide access to streaming videos. These sites may host content or merely point to content hosted elsewhere. Advertising supports some of these sites. Others are the official site for a producer, distributor, series, or festival. Searching functions on these sites vary widely, and content can change or be removed without notice.

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