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HIST 495W: Senior Seminar - US, China and the Cold War (Peng)

General Citation Websites

Turabian Citation Guide Links

Chicago Manual of Style Links

The following websites provide information for the Chicago Manual of Style, 17th Edition writing style. 

Writing an Annotated Bibliography

Compare Mendeley and Zotero

How do you pick the best citation management software for you? We put together a comparison chart below to help you identify the different features available and figure out the best option for you.

  Mendeley Zotero
Looks like: Video Video
Cost: Free; fee for additional cloud storage Free; fee for additional cloud storage
How to get it: Create account Create account
How it works: Desktop or web-based client Desktop client
Mobile compatible:

Mobile-friendly website

3rd party apps available

Mobile-friendly website

Data is stored: On your computer; Cloud (if you sync) On your computer; Cloud (if you sync)
Can I collaborate with others: Yes Yes
Where to get help: Mendeley Support Zotero Support

Credit: This comparison information was adapted from the University of Victoria Libraries.

Zotero is more helpful/works better with the Chicago Manual of Style and footnotes.

Zotero is better integrated into Microsoft Word for the Chicago Manual of Style than Mendeley.

Using Tools WITHIN Research Databases

Many library databases have tools for generating, capturing, and storing citations. 

The key is to login to them.  That may seem obvious, but it's easy to overlook.

MavScholar - Use your StarID/Password
Many others - Create your own account

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