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Resources about student retention and success from a student affairs vantage point.

Bibliography on Diverse college students from recent studies

Copy the DOI into Mavscholar to find these articles about specific population on our campus! It's important to understand something about the lived experiences of our students, and while these are not articles about our specific students, they are about some of our student body population.

Allen, M., Rosas-Lee, M., Ortega, L., Hang, M., Pergament, S., Pratt, R., & Allen, M. L. (2016). They just respect you for who you are: Contributors to educator positive youth development promotion for Somali, Latino, and Hmong Students. Journal of Primary Prevention, 37(1), 71–86.   DOI 10.1007/s10935-015-0415-2

Black, R. & Bimper, A. Y. (2020). Successful undergraduate African American men’s navigation and negotiation of academic and social counter-spaces as adaptation to racism at historically white institutions. Journal of College Student Retention : Research, Theory & Practice22(2), 326–350.

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Corfman, S. B. (2021). On not knowing students’ genders, nor being able to predict when or how they will change. College Composition &  Communication, 73(2), 261–286.

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Yoo, H. C., Atkin, A. L., Seaton, E. K., Gabriel, A. K., & Parks, S. J. (2021). Development of a support for Black lives matter measure among racially–ethnically diverse college students. American Journal of Community Psychology, 68(1-2), 100-113.


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