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Clinical Social Work

Clinical social work practice is the professional application of social work theory and methods to the treatment and prevention of psychosocial dysfunction, disability, or impairment, including emotional and mental disorder..

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Social workers understand quantitative and qualitative research methods and their respective roles in advancing a science of social work and in evaluating their practice. Social workers know the principles of logic, scientific inquiry, and culturally informed and ethical approaches to building knowledge. Social workers understand that evidence that informs practice derives from multi-disciplinary sources and multiple ways of knowing. They also understand the processes for translating research findings into effective practice. Social workers:use practice experience and theory to inform scientific inquiry and research;apply critical thinking to engage in analysis of quantitative and qualitative research methods and research findings; anduse and translate research evidence to inform and improve practice, policy, and service delivery. Council of Social Work Education. Standards.  Competency 4.

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