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Social Work 419:Social Work and Aging

Subject Guide

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Welcome. My name is Kellian Clink. Please contact me to get help in your research in this class.

1. Articulate solutions to problems facing older persons through critical thinking.
2. Identify, differentiate, and apply social work ethical principles and ethical decision-making processes in working with older persons.  
3. Identify special issues facing diverse populations and populations at risk in the aging process such as older women, elders living in poverty, older persons of color, disabled elders, lesbian and gay elders, and rural elders.  
4. Articulate theories, practice models, and generalist social work practice roles and skills that inform social work and gerontological practice.  
5. Explain the impact of social policies on the service delivery system for the elderly and articulate ways to advocate to strengthen services and reduce service gaps.  
6. Conduct a strengths-based assessment with an older person.  
7. Conduct a search of the scholarly literature relevant to social work and aging thorough databases and Websites. 
8. Write an abbreviated needs assessment to clarify a specific aging issue or need relevant to social work practice.  
9. Develop and present a plan to create or expand a service to better meet the needs of older persons in a specific community.  


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