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Mankato Kiwanis 100th Anniversary Oral History Project

All About Archives

All About Archives

At the University Archives, we recognize that the concept of an archives can seem mysterious and secretive.  We’ve provided some articles and videos highlighting the ethics of, value and use of an archives and a quiz at the end covering the readings and video. 



Archivists recognize that privacy is sanctioned by law. They establish procedures and policies to protect the interests of the donors, individuals, groups, and institutions whose public and private lives and activities are recorded in their holdings. As appropriate, archivists place access restrictions on collections to ensure that privacy and confidentiality are maintained, particularly for individuals and groups who have no voice or role in collections’ creation, retention, or public use. Archivists promote the respectful use of culturally sensitive materials in their care by encouraging researchers to consult with communities of origin, recognizing that privacy has both legal and cultural dimensions. Archivists respect all users’ rights to privacy by maintaining the confidentiality of their research and protecting any personal information collected about the users in accordance with their institutions’ policies.


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