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Mankato Kiwanis 100th Anniversary Oral History Project

Donor Agreements

Please select the appropriate donor agreement for use in your Mankato Kiwanis 100th Anniversary Project .  Donor agreements are important so that the history can be shared with the public and researchers can access those materials in the future.  The Community History form should be used for all non-oral history based projects.  The Oral History form should be used when conducting an oral history.

The Donor Agreements require a signature.  You may electronically sign the documents or print the document out, sign and scan or mail to return them to the Archives.  For help on electronically signing the forms, please see the document below.

Checklist and Project Prompts

Please select the appropriate form for the type of contribution you'd like to do. Oral histories can be done via audio or video through Zoom, your phone, or computer.  If you'd like to do a written, short-answer style history you can use the "Your Mankato Kiwanis Story" form.

Creative Commons License
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