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Mankato Kiwanis 100th Anniversary Oral History Project

Contribute your own Experience

We are accepting individual experiences and oral history interviews for this project.  

Requirements for Individual Contributions:

  • Current or past member of the Mankato Kiwanis club OR family members of club members OR individuals impacted by Mankato Kiwanis club programs and activities will also be included. 
  • Be an approved format (digital) or size (physical items).  See Resources for Project page for specific details.
  • If you'd like to provide an immediate written response to the questions, you can use "Your Mankato Kiwanis Story" page.

How to contribute:

Be interviewed

Mankato Kiwanis club members and MSU Circle K members are being trained to do oral histories for this project.  Please fill out the below form if you would like to be contacted for an interview. 

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