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CIS 600 - Research Methods

Article Impact

Article level metrics are impact measures currently evolving as technology evolves. Currently, these measures include the number of citations in social media sites, as well as references made in open peer or crowd-based recommendations or reviews.  

Altmetrics is the term used to denote the social-media-based, article-level metrics.

For more information see the Altmetrics Manifesto.

Information on:

Traditional Citations


The traditional indicator measure of impact, the citation, is applicable to the individual article as well. The number of times a given article is cited by other articles can be tracked in the traditional literature. Several databases offer the feature to find articles within their database that cite a given article.

NOTE: Each source of metrics may show different numbers due to differences in the sources they use.

Raw data associated with an article is sometimes made available to other researchers for re-use. Resulting articles may cite the original article or the data set itself.

Social Media Citations

Citations to a given article may also appear in less traditional contexts such as in social media services. 

These services can be searched individually to gain numbers of references to an article.

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