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Using Passport

Data Points/Options

A number of data points and/or option are available to assist you in the analysis of an industry. There are five type or categories: Convert Data, Change Time Series, Change Data Types, Change Categories, and Change Geographies.

Convert Data

There are a number of options identified for retrieving data--unit multiplier, growth, per capita/household, unit price, and replacement cycle. Click on the desired data point and if additional options are provided, select one or more of the sub-data points.


Change Time Series

undefinedChange the time period for when the data was compiled, as well as projections, by clicking on "Change Time Series" to select a time series or specific year(s) and then click on "Apply."


Change Data Types

Change data type from retail volume to retail volume RSP or select both. Click on "Change Data Type." Select either one of the options or bothand then click on "Apply."


Change Categories

Change the industry you wish to analyze by clicking on "Change Categories." Select the desired industry or category and then click on "Apply."


Changing Geographies

To add or remove specific countries or regions of the world from your analysis, click on "Change Geographies." Then check (add) or uncheck (remove) a specific country or geographic region from the default analysis and then click "Apply."



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