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American Indigenous Studies: The Sacred Landscape

Course introduces students to the various ways that land is used by American Indians. We will explore traditional land use, and land issues that impact American Indians and cultural activities that are tied the land.

A little about subject headings..............

You will use MavScholar to find books. If they are about  Minnesota, you'll find them in the Lass Center (Second Floor), otherwise in the general stacks on second floor. The official subject heading is Indians of North America.You may find things under Native Americans. If the material is specifically about one group, it might be Lakota or Hopi or Navajo, etc... Think whether you are interested in general or specific and proceed. In MavScholar you will find any number of hard copy and electronic books, including reference books, chapters in books and articles. Use the facets along the left side to narrow your results.

Encyclopedias and Books


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