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How to Share Articles from MavScholar Using Permalinks: Home


MavScholar, Memorial Library's online catalog, is a great tool to use to search for articles, whether you are doing research for a paper or looking for information to share with your class online.  But how do you make sure that everyone can find the article you chose? Look below to learn more about using the "Permalink" feature in MavScholar!

How to Use Permalinks: Simple Steps

1) Search for the topics and articles you want in MavScholar

2) Once you've found an article that looks interesting, click on the title to open the catalog information about that article

3) If you want to share this article, under "Send To" in the catalog information, click the link icon that says "Permalink."

4) A box will appear with the Permalink. Below it, you will see a box in purple that says "Copy Permalink To Clipboard." Click on this box.

5) If all goes well, this box should disappear and a green checkmark will appear in its place, along with the word "SUCCESS." Congratulations, this means you can paste the link anywhere you want.

6) Paste the link into your email to send to yourself or others, into a Word document to save for later, or wherever else you need to share it.  This link will always bring you back to the MavScholar catalog page you've been working with, allowing you to access the article at any time.

Permalinks Tutorial Video

Why Use Permalinks?

Using Permalinks is important both to the researcher and the library.  Here a few reasons to use Permalinks instead of URLs:

1) URLs are not static.  Often, companies change URLs, move articles, or URLs become inactive. Therefore, the URL that worked a few days ago to bring you to that perfect research article might not be live now.  Permalinks are connected to the library's system and will ensure that you can always get back to where your article is stored online.

2) The library works hard to ensure your access to articles by creating contracts with online information vendors.  In order to abide by our contracts and not break license agreements, we need to make sure articles are being accessed properly through our vendors. Permalinks will connect you to the article inside the database of the vendors we work with, ensuring that our partnership continues smoothly.

3) Using Permalinks, the library can keep track of which databases and journals are used!  This is great, because that way, we know what users need to complete their research, and we can work with this information to continue to provide access relevant journals and databases.

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