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MGMT 346: Chapter 1--Introduction: Introduction

Chapter 1: Introduction

National Coin Shortage

It’s understandable that COVID-19 may cause people to panic and buy a variety of supplies like toilet
paper. It’s also understandable that the demand for masks and hand sanitizers has skyrocketed —
potentially for the foreseeable future.

But, a coin shortage?

A combination of events related to the COVID-19 lockdown have greatly impacted the national coin
supply chain. No one issue has caused the shortage. To begin, the Mint has reduced the production of
coins to protect workers. Additionally, with many stores and restaurants closed, the circulations of coins
back to the banks has slowed. With many states re-opening businesses, the demand for coins has
spiked, while there is limited supply.

The result has been a national coin shortage.

Public Services/College of Business Liaison Librarian

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