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Graduate Students

This guide points to special resources for those starting on a large and complex writing project.


Being a graduate student means navigating relationships with thesis committee members, making sure that you ask for and understand clearly the expectations, roles of various members, timelines, and mile markers, such as defense of proposal versus final defense. You will need to think hard and long about  time management--large (project management) and small (circadian rhythms & tasks that  require various  kinds of intellectual task completion). You definitely need to think on how to best organize your documents for most efficient retrieval.
Big picture tasks include choosing the right-sized topic, Something that interests you a great deal and perhaps something that might help you in your next steps, whether that be a continuing education opportunity or a job interview. You'll have to choose the best research methodology with the guidance of your committee members, look for the relevant literature, understand how the Institutional Review Board works, and understand the formatting. Finding previously done capstone experiences can help with all of this.
I hope this resource helps you find some things that will help you along your journey. Please be in touch with me if I can help. Kellian Clink ( or 507 389 5152)
 If you're doing a systematic literature review, this might prove useful:


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