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Anthropology 418/518

Global Patterns of Ag Food Production



Kellian Clink is your librarian. Contact her at 507 389 5152 or


Undergraduate students will:

  • Classify the different, major agricultural system types and explain their risk exposure to varying types of environmental changes.
  • Compare historical cases of agricultural system success and failure in terms of their reactions to environmental changes. 
  • Relate cultural trends and events to causal factors emanating from environmentally-induced stress on agriculturally produced food resources.
  • Critique current agricultural practices given antecedent patterns and environmental trajectories. 

In addition to outcomes for undergraduate students, graduate students will be able to:

  • Assess the similarities and differences between past and current agricultural systems and their relatedness to or dependency on specific environmental conditions.
  • Predict a variety of possible outcomes of specific kinds of environmental change on particular agricultural systems.

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